A cold nyc

Yesterday there was a bizarre snowfall. Today the temperate was 10 degrees. The trains were running slow and no matter how you layered up, you were bound to be cold. So after some intense physical therapy for my Achilles’ tendon and some personal training , I decided to treat myself for lunch at the awesomeContinue reading “A cold nyc”

Sometimes it’s fun to get lost in your own city

I was in Manhattan yesterday for some work and instead of looking what train I was getting on, I just got on a train. It was the “G” vs. the much needed “F”. Anyway managed to change trains, but not before I got this cool picture in Williamsburg. Sometimes it’s great to be a strangerContinue reading “Sometimes it’s fun to get lost in your own city”

Lauro- A new addition to the West Village

Dinner last night was at “LAURO”. A new joint in the West Village ( our favorite part of NYC). Even though our 2nd baby is only 3 weeks old, we decided a night out was in order and my parents are visiting from India too, another reason to go out. Read about this in UrbanContinue reading “Lauro- A new addition to the West Village”

I live in one of the best cities in the world – Nyc

I love NYC. I can’t seem to ever get tired of it. There is plenty to do and places to retreat to get away from the madness. I was walking to work and stopped to just admire central park. Picture below. I love my city. 🙂 it’s great all year round – with summer festivalsContinue reading “I live in one of the best cities in the world – Nyc”

Balthazar -a NY favorite

Saturday night was dinner at Baltzaar in NYC. It’s one of my husbands favorites in the city. We had a friend visiting so decided to go here. I had the French onion soup which was superb! Managed to get the main courses captured. Mine was a ducks shepard’s pie and the boys shared a chateaubriandContinue reading “Balthazar -a NY favorite”