Montreal- an unexpected foodie city !

Loved all the places we ate our way though ! Friday night – Foxy. Super grill food , just deliciousness ! Saturday brunch at Olive + gourmando. We waited for 30 mins – it was so worth the wait !! Owned by the same people that own Foxy. I had a summer salad with pumpkinContinue reading “Montreal- an unexpected foodie city !”

Hotel Guanahani Check in, hello Toiny for site inspection: day 3

So, we had breakfast at Isle de France ( it was continental not American ). We then relaxed on the beach and then packed up and headed to our next destination . The hotel Guanahani ( ) was opened in 1986 and since it sits on the reserve the waters are very calm and idealContinue reading “Hotel Guanahani Check in, hello Toiny for site inspection: day 3”

Amelia Island, FL, Ritz Carton

We decided to go somewhere close for the holidays in December. We were 6 adults and 2 kids ( 19 months). Everyone had been talking about the Ritz Calton at Amelia Island, so we decided to check it out, especially since all their properties are kid friendly. It was a painless 2 hour flight, plusContinue reading “Amelia Island, FL, Ritz Carton”