Ready to go to Italy ! 


On board the new delta plane and ready to go to Italy.  Portofino is the first stop. Expect some posts from there. 😉 



A cold nyc


Yesterday there was a bizarre snowfall. Today the temperate was 10 degrees. The trains were running slow and no matter how you layered up, you were bound to be cold.
So after some intense physical therapy for my Achilles’ tendon and some personal training , I decided to treat myself for lunch at the awesome Eatly.
I did a pizza with olives and sausage. It was heaven !!


Also since I sat at the bar I shared a slice with a sweet girl visiting from Korea for 2 weeks. She got the tagliatelle pasta with short ribs. She was kind to offer me a bit.
A little friendliness goes a long way. Managed to have some kind of a conversation with her.
I love New York but I hate the winters. They are brutal !!

Storyful Announces Leadership Changes To Build On Substantial Growth Momentum Under News Corp


So proud of my hubby!

News Corp

Storyful Announces Leadership Changes To Build On Substantial Growth Momentum Under News Corp

Rahul Chopra Becomes CEO;
Founder Mark Little Named Director of Editorial Innovation

New York, NY and Dublin, Ireland (December 15, 2014) – Storyful, the world’s first social news agency, announced leadership changes on the eve of the 1st anniversary of its acquisition by News Corp.

Rahul Chopra will become Chief Executive Officer, with Founder and CEO Mark Little taking on the newly created role of Director of Editorial Innovation. Mr. Chopra previously served as Chief Revenue Officer and SVP, Global Head of Video for News Corp. The changes are effective immediately.

“Storyful is both a symbol of our digital and global aspirations and a substantive contributor to them,” said Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp, which announced its acquisition of Storyful on December 20, 2013. “We will have twin pillars of development, with Rahul leading our…

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Sometimes it’s fun to get lost in your own city


I was in Manhattan yesterday for some work and instead of looking what train I was getting on, I just got on a train. It was the “G” vs. the much needed “F”.
Anyway managed to change trains, but not before I got this cool picture in Williamsburg.
Sometimes it’s great to be a stranger in your home town. Wouldn’t you


Canyon Ranch spa – Miami


I was away for 3 nights to the Canyon Ranch Spa. I was a little hesitant at first, since Cayon Ranch usually caters to an older customer. It was a girls weekend away and we were excited by the plethora of activities!

This leading hotel of the world was in North Miami beach area. 20 m cab to downtown south Miami beach.

The minute we got there , 80 degree and a breeze hit us. It was heavenly.

Some of the classes we tried were barre method , rock climbing , battle ropes ( super hard ), boxers workout , Zumba , beach boot camp , just to name a few. ( they offer 40 classes a day !).







Did I mention we took a “How to blow-dry your hair “. Results below.





This is a kid friendly place as well. With 4 pools and a beach , kids will love it. Kids 5 and over can participate in the rock wall climbing class too!

Check out the kids ride!


Did I mention , they have a 70,000 sq ft spa, plus an entire wellness program/ clinic that you can participate in!

Beauty and Essex


Great place for dinner ! I had never been here and I took some our of town co-workers here. We had a lovely time.
The antique store by the enterance was super cute and I found lots of things I could spend some $$ on.

Food and the vibe was good.
The dessert was the highlight!




Dubai madness!


I planned this trip 4 months ago as a mini escape from Delhi ( great opportunity to leave the kids behind with grandparents and escape).
My best friend of 32 years lives here and I wanted to surprise her. My hubby’s best friend lives in Singapore- he came to surprise my hubby as well. The surprises were a huge hit and we have been having a fantastic time!!
We are staying at the One and only Palm, a true oasis in this crazy city. It’s away from everything and truly a beautiful , small 90 room , 4 villa property.
More pictures to follow.