Philadelphia is a great city !

We decided to take our 2 year old to Sesame place over a Saturday. We rented the car- hertz on demand ( which , with Gps was over $100 cheaper than regular hertz and a 20% promo btw). It was a 1:45 min drive from NYC. Now, if you haven’t looked at pictures of thisContinue reading “Philadelphia is a great city !”

I live in one of the best cities in the world – Nyc

I love NYC. I can’t seem to ever get tired of it. There is plenty to do and places to retreat to get away from the madness. I was walking to work and stopped to just admire central park. Picture below. I love my city. 🙂 it’s great all year round – with summer festivalsContinue reading “I live in one of the best cities in the world – Nyc”

Day 5: La Samana

Day 4: was started off by us rushing for breakfast. One of the joys of vacation is not putting an alarm , though sleepy heads like us can really sleep 10 hours straight! We made it ( barely) and then I went for a site inspection. The villas here surpass any villa hotel properties thatContinue reading “Day 5: La Samana”

Day 4 St. Barth and check in at La Samana

We woke up late as we watched “Safe House”. The hotel had a nice selection of movies on demand. Breakfast was at Indigo. It was nice. After breakfast we lounged at our pool , then went for a couples spa treatment at the Clarins Spa. The massages were good , though the few annoying thingsContinue reading “Day 4 St. Barth and check in at La Samana”

Hotel Guanahani Check in, hello Toiny for site inspection: day 3

So, we had breakfast at Isle de France ( it was continental not American ). We then relaxed on the beach and then packed up and headed to our next destination . The hotel Guanahani ( ) was opened in 1986 and since it sits on the reserve the waters are very calm and idealContinue reading “Hotel Guanahani Check in, hello Toiny for site inspection: day 3”

My travel bucket list- Part 3

Australia (Tasmania) The island-state of Tasmania, located 170 mi/275 km south of Melbourne off the country’s southern coast, is known as “Tassie” by the locals. It is perhaps best known outside of Australia as the home of the Tasmanian devil—the whirling dervish of a marsupial that inspired the Looney Tunes cartoon character. But to Australians, it’s aContinue reading “My travel bucket list- Part 3”