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Vermont after some snow 


This is an after pic of VT after some snow !  



A cold nyc


Yesterday there was a bizarre snowfall. Today the temperate was 10 degrees. The trains were running slow and no matter how you layered up, you were bound to be cold.
So after some intense physical therapy for my Achilles’ tendon and some personal training , I decided to treat myself for lunch at the awesome Eatly.
I did a pizza with olives and sausage. It was heaven !!


Also since I sat at the bar I shared a slice with a sweet girl visiting from Korea for 2 weeks. She got the tagliatelle pasta with short ribs. She was kind to offer me a bit.
A little friendliness goes a long way. Managed to have some kind of a conversation with her.
I love New York but I hate the winters. They are brutal !!

Canyon Ranch spa – Miami


I was away for 3 nights to the Canyon Ranch Spa. I was a little hesitant at first, since Cayon Ranch usually caters to an older customer. It was a girls weekend away and we were excited by the plethora of activities!

This leading hotel of the world was in North Miami beach area. 20 m cab to downtown south Miami beach.

The minute we got there , 80 degree and a breeze hit us. It was heavenly.

Some of the classes we tried were barre method , rock climbing , battle ropes ( super hard ), boxers workout , Zumba , beach boot camp , just to name a few. ( they offer 40 classes a day !).







Did I mention we took a “How to blow-dry your hair “. Results below.





This is a kid friendly place as well. With 4 pools and a beach , kids will love it. Kids 5 and over can participate in the rock wall climbing class too!

Check out the kids ride!


Did I mention , they have a 70,000 sq ft spa, plus an entire wellness program/ clinic that you can participate in!



Getting ready for a long trip ahead. 22 days away- going to London for a dear friends wedding , followed by a work trip to Delhi- China- Hong Kong- Delhi – NYC.



The JFK virgin lounge is super nice. I may test the masseuse here at the bumble and bumble hair salon.
Food was tasty !
Looking forward to catching up on movies and not waking up 2x a night with the baby.

Do you fly Virgin Atlantic. ? Do you like it ? I am a big fan !

Dough- a donut haven


I thought I typed this up – but it didn’t post. Ok, trying again.
A friend at Bootcamp told me she consults for a gourmet donut ship in Brooklyn. I was intrigued.
I look it up , it’s called ‘Dough’ and it sounded amazing.

305 Franklin Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Neighborhoods: Bedford Stuyvesant, Clinton Hill

(347) 533-7544
Lemon Meringue donuts ?? I’m in!


Apple strudel , dolce de leche, passion fruit glazed , etc, it was all just heavenly.




I would suggest you check them out- but also beware of the calories !! 😉 enjoy.

The Fat Radish

The Fat Radish

A couple of Saturdays ago , I decided to venture to the LES. Living on the UWS , it’s a pain to get to. So we tend to stick to the west village area.
Anyway , I booked us at the place called “The Fat Radish “. We decided to get drinks at the “Experimental Cocktail Company” first ( we were their first customers at 6 pm ) lol.
We stopped on the way back to pick up groceries in Chinatown as it was right there. A fun and memorable evening , with a cab fare similar to going to LGA.











L’Artusi- a must go to!


Since life is full of surprises- I like to surprise hubby or friends with a fun pick for a Sat night dinner. A few weeks ago it was L’Artusi.

228 W 10th St
(between Bleecker St & Hudson St)
New York, NY 10014
Neighborhood: West Village

(212) 255-5757

Reservations are hard to get buy- we had to eat at 7 pm, which was on the earlier side for us.
It’s Italian food, just delicious.


Brooklyn Fare


I had wanted to go here for our Anniversary in Dec, but it was impossible to get the table, so we went Sat night.

So, we were got the 6.30 pm seating ( there a 7.45 and a 10 pm). While the restaurant can seat 18, they sat only 10 diners for the 6.30 (then 8 more came for the 7.45 ) and then we were asked to leave at 9.50 as they had diners coming in for the 10 pm.

We arrived promptly and were seated at 6.30. Its an open industrial kitchen, with a birds eye view of the kitchen. Its a minimalist setting, fantastic china and like watching a live cooking show! Mind you this is NOT a restaurant, this is a KITCHEN TABLE. Full of shining stainless steel, gleaming copper and the highly coveted Molteni Stove.

The dinner was very modern, clean, and inspired by japanese cuisine. I ate fish that I had never heard of, but it was delicious! there were around 7-8 cold sashimi courses.

Some of the hot small bites ( don’t want to list it all, as it spoils the fun)

Burgundy snails in garlic sabayon

Brioche with Hokkaido uni, and topped with a piece of black truffle (to be eaten at least once in your lifetime.)

San Diego sea urchin with sliced truffle

A Japanese rice with bonito butter was generously covered with white truffles was another highlight.

The plating is meticulous and the precious and communication with the staff of 3 kitchen chefs can put synchronized swimmers to shame.

Chef Cesar Ramirez isn’t the most vivacious chef you will meet- he surely is passionate and serious. Greets guests with a back pat. We did talk to him on our way out, and he was nice, but too serious.

Overall, a super meal, but I enjoyed my meal at Atera more. It’s not a place I would rush back to any time soon- at the price that they charge, I am ok to wait a bit!

It would be a great place to go with 18 of your closest friends, as the intimate setting, requires you to be friendly to your diners. I would rather enjoy the meal with some great friends rather than strangers- though we did meet a lovely couple. 🙂

To those who don’t know – it IS a very strict no photography policy. Feel sorry for the guy who insisted he needed to take pictures and wasted 45 min of an enjoyable night, arguing with the server. Get over it. No pictures allowed.

Where else would you go to a 3 michelin star restaurant, in a subway. Got to love NYC! 🙂

2 things that annoyed me :
I would have preferred sparking water but it wasn’t offered.
I like to end my meal with a coffee. It wasn’t offered either.