DInner at Perry Street

This month has been hectic. Be it knitting club, book club, ring shopping for an engagement ring with a friend, you get the point! 😉 So, I had a friend who works in the travel industry visiting NYC and when we met in October in Paris, we already had talked about our dinner reservations inContinue reading “DInner at Perry Street”

Red Rooster- harlem, Chef Marcus Samuelsson

This past friday, my dear friend took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Since it was my celebration, I picked Red Rooster– though I realised without a reservation it may turn into a LONG night.. so I called- the young hostess advised, that the wait was very bearable. ( waiting for 1 1/2Continue reading “Red Rooster- harlem, Chef Marcus Samuelsson”

A prosecco and lambrusco tasting party

I love having parties, I love going out, being social. Any excuse to have people over, is good…. so for this party, I though it would be nice to have a party with a theme. Who hasn’t gone to the wine store and been over whelmed with the choices,  suggestions given or just the sheerContinue reading “A prosecco and lambrusco tasting party”

A favorite lunch/ dinner spot- casual and great food!

I have a new fav. neighborhood place- yes, its Mexican, one of my fav kinds of food and its close to home. They don’t bat an eye when my son creates a storm under his high chair either! I had the chance to do lunch here last week and try their amazing drinks. A mustContinue reading “A favorite lunch/ dinner spot- casual and great food!”

September 11th in NYC

The city was quiet, with most people staying home and avoiding the subway. I thought it would be a perfect day to go to Laduree , to get some of the delicious macaroons.  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/31/dining/laduree-brings-its-macarons-to-new-york-food-stuff.html  We did brunch with my sis- in- law, who was visiting from SF and planned the brunch around a trip to Laduree, forContinue reading “September 11th in NYC”