3 nights in Paris, 5 nights in Perros-Gueric, Brittany

We headed to France, August 9th , to meet up with our parents. ( both sets). We flew XL airlines, it was decent, good food and service, no personal entertainment. Since the flight departure was 11.50 pm ( delayed to 3 am), we pretty much slept on the plane anyway. First stop was the MandarinContinue reading “3 nights in Paris, 5 nights in Perros-Gueric, Brittany”

How we ended up in Brittany for vacation

So, our trip this past week, that we got back from, was to France. Paris and Brittany. It all began with a trip to Paris in October 2012, and tasting the exquisite Bordier Butter. To find about more about him, read below. My story will be posted tomorrow about the trip! http://www.francemagazine.org/articles/issue78/article156.asp?issue_id=78&article_id=156