Vermont – Ski season 

We decided to take the kids for a winter break to try out skiing for them and snowboarding for us. This is what the 25 Th in Manchester , Vt looked like.   It was 65 degrees. We went to the playground !  Luckily we have snow covered peaks now. Will post a picture later.Continue reading “Vermont – Ski season “

Day 5: La Samana

Day 4: was started off by us rushing for breakfast. One of the joys of vacation is not putting an alarm , though sleepy heads like us can really sleep 10 hours straight! We made it ( barely) and then I went for a site inspection. The villas here surpass any villa hotel properties thatContinue reading “Day 5: La Samana”

Day 4 St. Barth and check in at La Samana

We woke up late as we watched “Safe House”. The hotel had a nice selection of movies on demand. Breakfast was at Indigo. It was nice. After breakfast we lounged at our pool , then went for a couples spa treatment at the Clarins Spa. The massages were good , though the few annoying thingsContinue reading “Day 4 St. Barth and check in at La Samana”

Hotel Guanahani Check in, hello Toiny for site inspection: day 3

So, we had breakfast at Isle de France ( it was continental not American ). We then relaxed on the beach and then packed up and headed to our next destination . The hotel Guanahani ( ) was opened in 1986 and since it sits on the reserve the waters are very calm and idealContinue reading “Hotel Guanahani Check in, hello Toiny for site inspection: day 3”

Good bye Eden Rock, Hello Christopher hotel, check in at Isle de France: day 2

So, we slept well last night in our gorgeous duplex. 🙂 We were up by 9 am, ready to go to eat breakfast. It was a vast, scrumptious spread of fruits, cheese, breads, egg, bacon, chicken sausage, home made jams, fresh pressed juices, all while overlooking the beach! 🙂 Some last minute packing and thenContinue reading “Good bye Eden Rock, Hello Christopher hotel, check in at Isle de France: day 2”

Eden Rock St. Barth- Day 1 of 5

St. Barths- info: A luxuriant villa and an immaculate beach. Leisurely dinners alongside movie stars and supermodels. A vacation could be worse. But wanting a vacation on St. Barthelemy and having one are different things. This island’s beauty, luxury and exclusive company come with a steep price tag. And should you have what it takesContinue reading “Eden Rock St. Barth- Day 1 of 5”

My bucket list of places one MUST visit!

Argentina- Mendoza: South America’s napa Valley The old colonial section of Mendoza, Argentina, was destroyed by fire and earthquake in 1861, so there’s not much that’s unique to see in this city 610 mi/980 km northwest of Buenos Aires. It is, however, a bustling place with leafy boulevards and a wonderful climate, thanks to itsContinue reading “My bucket list of places one MUST visit!”

December travels

Now is when the panic sets in- December is almost here, and the hotels is not booked. So many choices and questions- all inclusive or not? 7 night minimum, or 10? Plunge pool or not? Kid friendly? adults only? compulsory gala-dinner or no? I am read to roll up my sleeves and answer all theseContinue reading “December travels”