Eden Rock St. Barth- Day 1 of 5

St. Barths- info: A luxuriant villa and an immaculate beach. Leisurely dinners alongside movie stars and supermodels. A vacation could be worse. But wanting a vacation on St. Barthelemy and having one are different things. This island’s beauty, luxury and exclusive company come with a steep price tag. And should you have what it takesContinue reading “Eden Rock St. Barth- Day 1 of 5”

Blue hill at Stone barn

With parents visiting from out of town, we were looking for an exceptional dinner experience. We picked Blue hill at the Stone Barn, in Terry Town. A fantastic experience-highly recommend it. Don’t want to share all the details, but 5 courses are the minimum. Its a 40 minute car ride to Westchester- and its aContinue reading “Blue hill at Stone barn”

Top of the Rock event hosted by The Dorchester hotel group

I had a chance to attend a lovely event hosted by the Dorchester Hotel group tonight. It was at the ” TOP of the ROCK” and on the way up the elevator, believe it was the 62nd floor, my ears started to pop. The view was just fantastic and the event superb. It was classy,Continue reading “Top of the Rock event hosted by The Dorchester hotel group”