London – we have arrived

Due to the budget cuts , there has been a significant reduction in the number of air traffic controllers. Our flight was delayed by 1 hour. I wonder if the airlines( thus indirectly the passengers ) are going to have to pay for this too! It’s ridiculous. A congressional bill will pass soon to end this madness.
Anyway – had a comfortable flight , though 6 hours is really quite short to be well rested. I slept for 3 and watched “silver lining play book” as well. Friendly cabin crew as always.

Got into LHR and was whisked away by the chauffeur. We thought to try the small intimate 88 room Bulgari hotel as its been open just under a year.

Got here , just to find out that due to a human error , our reservations were made for Sunday night vs. Friday night. Oops. The hotel was busy looking for a room with a king bed , but to no avail.


We decided to way breakfast while they sorted this out. The hotel is modern, clean , gorgeous.





Eggs Florentine for me and a baked egg dish for hubby. Totally amazing.



We checked into a room with 2 queen beds. For a city with small rooms – this space is huge!!





Loved the location. Minutes to Hyde park.


Minutes to Harrods ( for those of you who like to shop here!)


Did a little retail therapy and now looking forward to dinner at Roganic with friends.

Published by Ashna Chopra

A background in fashion, along with a full time job in it, I dabble in travel as much as I can! I enjoy food , wine, entertaining, reading and travel of course. Bit and blurbs about places I want to go and have been and whats going on in NY!

4 thoughts on “London – we have arrived

  1. Welcome to London! Check out my website which recommends seriously weird and wonderful things to do in London -only the really random stuff! I’d recommend Bowl of Chalk (pay what you want walking tour) which can be found under random days out! Have fun! Love your blog!!

  2. If you’d arrived at LHR early / on-time you probably would have waited for a gate anyway! We have an ongoing shortage of everything at LHR. Not familiar with Bulgari Hotel – looks great.

  3. Hotel looks great! I live not far from it and often walk past and see super, super cars parked in front.

    Will definitely check it out

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