10 year wedding anniversary celebrations- NYC

Hello all,
Last post of 2012!
It was our 10 year wedding anniversary on the 28 th. Since we just had our 2 nd baby 6 weeks ago , a vacation was not possible.
I decided to plan a ” Stay-cation” , a term my friend D introduced me to!
With my mom in law here to watch the kids , we managed a 3 pm check in.
Now, being peak season at MO , I was expecting a standard room , as that’s what I paid for. But in this business , it’s REALLY about who you know! Thank you S.D. Rooms, service were all top notch. It was very festive and their NEw Year Eve Gala is very popular.









Room 4730. Park and water views. It was gorgeous. A super home, away from home!!

We popped a 10 y bottle of Bollinger champagne , also a decade old. It was yummy !!
We had a drink at the bar, before heading to Marea.

Now, we have been to Marea before , hubby more times than me. Their bone marrow pasta is just divine.

The meal was good. We ordered the 6 course tasting. Found the service snobby and the sommelier wasn’t friendly per say. Still waiting for the tasting list he’s to send us.
It’s a great place if you are into seafood.
Here are pics from the dinner.












We had a great evening – but comparing the service at Atera vs. Marea, I just wasn’t impressed.

Overall , I would say to try it for sure!

Brooklyn Fare in Feb, and I just can’t wait for that meal. Pics when we go there.

Here’s to many many more decades with the man who gets me and makes me so happy. ( Granted , gets me annoyed too!- I love you. ).

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A background in fashion, along with a full time job in it, I dabble in travel as much as I can! I enjoy food , wine, entertaining, reading and travel of course. Bit and blurbs about places I want to go and have been and whats going on in NY!

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