Atera- 77 Worth St- 2 michelin stars

It was DH b’ day today. I read about Atera in some magazine and decided to book it, since we both like innovative, gastronomic , experimental cooking. Thanks to A/ex concierge, I made the request for a table in July and promptly, in Aug ( since the restaurant only takes tables 2 months out), they got us a table for tonight, 9.30 PM. It was such a fantastic experience! Before the meal even started off, there were so many SNACKS!! ( 7 to be precise) , 10 main courses, then , 5 desserts and 2 petit fours.

Since I can’t drink currently, still managed to convince hubby to get the wine parings- which he’s glad he did, as he really did enjoy it and Scott Cameron is such a super talented sommelier.

Chef Matt, was very much around, working the kitchen and presenting the dishes to the guests. He was very friendly and open to chatting about the inspiration behind his food.

They only offer dinner service, this restaurant is best if done in a group of 4 (there is just 1 table for that), or a couples outing.

It was one of my favorite meals that I have ever had- and I highly recommend it to everyone to go. They are in the process of re-creating their menu and I can’t wait to go back in a few months, to see what the new menu tastes like.

It was worth every penny spent, and it was a really fun and enjoyable evening.

Like I told hubby- he may buy better presents for me, but when it comes to his b’day dinners- I totally rock !! ( Park Avenue Autumn, Au Passage Paris, Atera just to name a few).

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Published by Ashna Chopra

A background in fashion, along with a full time job in it, I dabble in travel as much as I can! I enjoy food , wine, entertaining, reading and travel of course. Bit and blurbs about places I want to go and have been and whats going on in NY!

4 thoughts on “Atera- 77 Worth St- 2 michelin stars

  1. What a spread of excuisite and unique courses – impressed you kept count! Yes, we must go together, but forced to preplan travel dates, atleast 2 months! AND, wow – how well the pictures compliment the dish description.

    1. Hey, just a note: I am the sommelier at Atera. My name is
      Scott Cameron. Alex has not been a part of the restaurant since
      May. Thanks!

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