Philadelphia is a great city !

We decided to take our 2 year old to Sesame place over a Saturday. We rented the car- hertz on demand ( which , with Gps was over $100 cheaper than regular hertz and a 20% promo btw). It was a 1:45 min drive from NYC.
Now, if you haven’t looked at pictures of this place it’s kind of overwhelming. Aarav was in complete shock to see such a large Elmo and all his friends. For some kinds it was as exciting as going to a Justin Biber concert. ( there is a Sheraton right next to the park of you plan on going for 2 days ).



After 4 hours of being here , we then decided to to go our hotel which I booked the four seasons in Philadelphia. Great property, friendly staff and service. I wouldn’t expect anything less.
We were all exhausted do went to get pizzas and take a stroll.






The next day we had planned to go to Phillisburg, NJ to see Thomas the train.
It was 98 degrees and just insane. We had a good time though.


I would have loved to spend more time in Philadelphia. It’s a fantastic city – great food , culture and vibe. Reminded me of the times I went to visit my friends in college.

We will go back !

Published by Ashna Chopra

A background in fashion, along with a full time job in it, I dabble in travel as much as I can! I enjoy food , wine, entertaining, reading and travel of course. Bit and blurbs about places I want to go and have been and whats going on in NY!

One thought on “Philadelphia is a great city !

  1. Seems like it was great fun for the young Aarav. Thanks to you the trip was well planned. You could not control the 98 Degree weather though. Better luck next time

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