Day 4 St. Barth and check in at La Samana

We woke up late as we watched “Safe House”. The hotel had a nice selection of movies on demand.
Breakfast was at Indigo. It was nice. After breakfast we lounged at our pool , then went for a couples spa treatment at the Clarins Spa.
The massages were good , though the few annoying things were that
A. The room was so brightly lit it was a little weird for the massage.
B. the outdoor shower in the private massage room didn’t have shampoo or anything so you had to use the communal ones.
C. Face wash, face cream were all missing. It was really not up to par with a 5 star hotel spa in terms of amenities.
D. In a hotel there are always snacks at a spa , lemon/ cucumber water etc. all that was missing.
E. the dressing room consisted of 2 sinks , 1 changing room and 1 toilet.
This was disappointing , for the money they charge they need to be more tuned in to what’s needed.
We had fun though and we then made our way to the airport.

We grabbed lunch at Maya’s to go. A great cute place for salads and sandwiches.

We got to st. Marteen by 4 pm and rented our car. It’s so different than St. Barth that you can’t even compare. This island has casinos and it’s very big in feeling.


Checked into La Samana and ate dinner downtown at Bamboo – average food. Great ambience.
Our room at the hotel is a renovated 1 bedroom suite. Beautiful water 🙂








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