Sicilian Caponata- recipe from my friends at Orient Express hotel- Grand Timeo Orient Express

Sicilian caponata

When I was the Grand Hotel Timeo, in April, 2012 I was served this dish and I fell in love with it. The sales manager was kind enough to remember to send me the recipe! 🙂

1 kg eggplants

300 grams red bell peppers

N. 2 onions medium size

300 grams  celery hearts

150 grams pitted green olives

100 grams capers in salt

N. 2 tablespoons tomato paste

60/70 grams sugar

Half cup white vinegar

4/5 fresh basil leaves

Extra virgin olive oil


Cut the eggplants into cubes of about 1.5 cm, seasons with salt and place in a colander for about one hour to lose the bitterness.

Cut the celery into small pieces, blanch in salted water, fry the eggplants in hot oil and dry.

Fry the onions finely chopped in a pan, add the blanched celery, the tomato paste, the olives cut in half and the desalted capers.

Cook until celery is well done, add the eggplants allow them to cook few minutes more, mixing frequently; then add sugar and vinegar, let the pan on the flame for some more minutes, add the basil leaves and the dish is ready: serve room temperature.

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