Day 5- Florence , here we come! :)

Santa Croce church was our meeting point after a breakfast feast. We went to a leather and mosaic factory.
The mosaic art was created in the 16 th century by the Medici family. It was used as inserts in panels , table tops etc. They use beeswax to join these pieces together. They start with an idea- portrait , canvas etc then create a template and apply to the solid piece of slate and then just cut out with an old bow. On the weekends they go to look for stones in the hills of Florence.


The mosaic workshop we visited was “I Mosaici di lastrucci”.

Its on Via dei Macci, 9, -51022.

More info is on the previous post.




The leather school”Scuola Del Cuoio” –

There was a dormitory that was abandoned and converted to a leather school for the orphans. The Fransicians decided to train them in the leather crafts. This was in the 13 th century. This was near a tannery as it was close to water. They uses to cover their manuscripts in leather. The family owned a leather workshop in 1932. It was specialized in artisinal leather.
In 1950 the leather workshop moved here, to this location. There is a workshop and an international school. The leather is all Italian. We met 2 of the 3 sisters who are the owners of this workshop.


After this, we had a little bit of free time to walk around, so I walked a little bit of this fantastic city!


Villa San Michele Site Inspection

Built in the 15 th century. 1808 was a monastery then converted to a villa. A French owner bought it but it was destroyed in 1942 after the war. In 1952 it was converted to a hotel.

This was the 2 Nd OE hotel in Italy. Designed by Michaelango. The suite ( Michangelo is 70 sq mt and connected with 2 double suites) .
There are 2 classic doubles ( overlooking the gardens) ,10 superior doubles and 8 deluxe double rooms.
In 1994 the outside was built until 2003. There are 3 categories. Very large 40 sq mt. Private terrace or garden.
In 1994 after the major refurbishment the dining hall was covered and they were able to create the indoor restaurant.
Junior Executive deluxe, deluxe and junior superior. The lomonata suite has a plunge pool. There is 1 bedroom suite , then 2 garden suites.The chapel -deluxe double used to be the chapel of the hotel.
Total 46 rooms.

There is no spa but all treatments can be arranged in the rooms and there is an open space spa area for massages overlooking the city.

The cooking school works on Mon , Wed and Sat. The rate of the school  is 200 euros pp plus tax. During peak season there is a symphony of pasta , a 3 day stay who will prepare typical pasta and then other chefs come to prepare food and demonstrate.



The Last Supper 








The meal was perfection. This was our last dinner before we left.

The next day, we headed back to NYC on Alatalia, which was absolutely fabulous being on their flat beds. A great flight and service. I would highly recommend it.

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