Day 4-leaving Sicily -seeing Catania on route to Florence

We checked out at 8 am and drove to the province of Catania, Acitrezza.
There are these rocks Fragollinis jutting out on the ocean which according to legend used to be Mt. Etna.the best fish restaurants of this part of Sicily are here.

Acicastello is the next town. It had a beautiful Norman castle.

Next stop is the city of Catania. There is an amphitheater built entirely of lava stone. 700000 people live here. 2 Nd largest city of Sicily. ( largest is Palmero) . The city was buried under lava so the rest of the amphitheater is under the church.

There are 365 churches here. The double cross on the dome represents a seat of the archbishop. The 2 Nd largest Jewish community in Sicily was here. The star of David is on the floor of the church by the entrance. ( sepia picture)

Domestic flight to Florence. Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and definitely one of my favorites. This trip is probably my 7 th here. Here there is such a variety of museums, palaces and shops one easily needs a few days to discover it all.
The main highlights are the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore( Duomo),Basttistero di San Giovanni ( the baptistery ) , Palazo Pitti, Ponte Vacchio, Basicila di San Miniato al Monte, tombs and sculptures by Michelangelo at Cappelle Medici, views of the city.

One must visit my highlights below:

Things to do :

a. Ufizi gallery- some famous paintings there including Botticelli’ s BIRTH OF VENUS.

b. Statue of david at Galleria dell’Accademia ( get tickets in advance for this, as well as Ufizi)

c. I really love the gardens of Pitti Palace- Baboli gardens

d. Cross the bridge Ponte Vecchio and admire the stores. Walk one bride over to your right and go to this AMAZING gelato place “Gelateria Santa Trinita” Piazza Frescobaldi , 11,12/r

f. Visit the Duomo

g. MUST GO! “I Mosaici di lastrucci”.

Its on Via dei Macci, 9, -51022.

they are making the inlay marble pieces the same way that they were done in the 16th century. I did a tour of this place, just on this trip, it was fascinating! đŸ™‚ MUST GO.

h. very close to this is a leather school and shop, called Scoula del Cuoio, if you are interested.

i. The most famous world wide gelateria is ‘VIVOLI’ in Florence.

This is a condensed list for anyone who has only 1 -2 days in Florence.

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