Best croissants in NYC

So, my sister bought my son tickets to Alice in Wonderland theater. Since Saturday is the day I do 1 on 1 time with him , I had pre- planned a breakfast at Dominique Ansel.

I was introduced to the bakery at a boozy UES brunch a few weeks ago. After inhaling a few croissants at that party, I was looking for an opportunity to go there in person to check it out.

So , 2 trains later we made it. It’s such a fantastic narrow long space. Huge outdoor space and the best part is that you can see them making the pastries right there through the clear glass.

Only have the links , no pictures as I was too busy eating and running after my 21 month. His face was glued to the pastry display.

So, the almond croissants are to die for. Pain au chocolat has the perfect amount if sweetness. Since I wanted to eat egg, I also got a super mini egg and brioche sandwich.
I pretty much ate it all.

It’s a great place to hang out with friends , catch up , just relax.
It’s going to be on my visit often list.
Dominique Ansel

Highly recommend it and he does smaller size croissants for parties, if you ask nicely. Ex – Daniel Pastry chef , incase you were wondering.

The play was wonderful too. A great outing in a great city.

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1 thought on “Best croissants in NYC

  1. looks amazing! would love to eat all that you described, perhaps on my next visit!

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