Paris: Day 6

Day 6-Thu Oct 13th

Today was DH’s birthday. We checked out of the Maurice, and checked into Hotel Crillon. They are cleaning up the facade of the hotel and by Christmas time it will be done. This is also another Palace hotel. The lobby has undergone some renovations and it looks fresh, but still very much like a grand palace. Gold, ornate and marble everywhere.

The rooms and suites were nice and spacious, but I think they are in need of a serious face lift. If it was refurbished, I would love it more, but as is, it was really old-looking. I am sure it was splendid and at its peak 15-20 years ago, but currently, it’s just dull and drab. The door staff outside, do look at you and then greet you IF they think you really belong in the hotel. A little strange. A little more friendliness, would be nicer.

They have 103 rooms and 44 of they are suites. 80% of the rooms can be connected. It can be a beautiful place for a wedding, with cocktails overlooking place de la Concorde (once the renovations are done, of course).

They have an area, just off the lobby,”Winter Garden”  which is great for afternoon tea and connecting to this, is an outdoor created garden, with revolving themes every year- this year its an English garden theme. It was pretty.

The Spa does treatments by Carita and the fitness center has a personal trainer who used to work with President Nicolas Sarkozy.

They do fun kids programs to keep them entertained as well, and can arrange baby sitters.The Piano bar, with its red-gold and wood decor, was just not for me.

Overall , an average experience in a grand palace property.





















Rahul saw his friend for lunch– who by the way has a fantastic store – in personalised computers, where the computer is more like a piece of art. A must buy for anyone looking for something to stand out, be amazingly cool and just a fantastic well maintained machine, with great support. You can customize it to any degree.

I went in pursuit of chocolate, thanks to David Lebovitz, and made my way to A L’etiole d’Or.

I was in this area just to buy chocolates
Only available in this Paris shop!! must buy!!
a L'etiole d'Or
Loving the selecting and not being able to decide-- rare for me!

Dinner tonight was at Agape Substance– a 26 seat restaurant, on Rue Mazarine.

It was a gastronomical experience, one that we will not forget quite so easily! Before dinner, we had drinks at the Pharmacy. Highly recommend it, its right across the street from the restaurant, cool vibe, music, art deco and fantastic cocktails!
























































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