Paris: Day 2


Bunch at Place du marche St Honore, a great sq, on the way (well not if its Sunday, you can stop by the Collette store).

Brunch at Cuisine + confidences, good food.

Got a coffee at Cafe Vivienne, which was served with some delicious caramel!

Checked into Hotel Victoria Palace, after this.

This is just off Rue de Rennes.

Not one of my favourite places it was a 4 star,which is fine, but  it was a little old-looking from the outside, the internet didn’t work well ( at all, though I was reassured they were getting fiber optics cable soon and within a month these issues will be resolved.).

The rooms were very spacious but it was like being taken into the past, by around 20 years, wallpaper and sofa  in matching print.

The Jr. Suite that we stayed in, was very large and comfortable, it was a clean hotel, short walk (15 m) to St. Germain, renovated bathrooms but just not my kind of style. Continental buffet was good and filling.

Decided to do “Le Comptoir de Relais”, by legendary  bistro chef Yves Camdeborde. Weekends they don’t take reservations, but the 30 min wait, was totally worth the food. Service was brusque, our table was right in the door way, seriously, but the food made it worth the while and the apple pie was the best my DH has ever had!

More soon! 🙂

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A background in fashion, along with a full time job in it, I dabble in travel as much as I can! I enjoy food , wine, entertaining, reading and travel of course. Bit and blurbs about places I want to go and have been and whats going on in NY!

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