Red Rooster- harlem, Chef Marcus Samuelsson

This past friday, my dear friend took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Since it was my celebration, I picked Red Rooster– though I realised without a reservation it may turn into a LONG night.. so I called- the young hostess advised, that the wait was very bearable. ( waiting for 1 1/2 hours, is NOT a bearable wait!! LOL) .

This is the first time I had even been up to Harlem- (getting lost on the subway lines dosn’t count!). The cab driver too wanted to drop us off on Adam Ave. instead of Malcom X. He was lost too… Though- the 2/ 3 train literally stop right outside this restaurant.

We get there, look across to the restaurant- its full of people- jam packed like sardines- inside, outside, by the bar!! We were determined to eat here, as we had no desire to be walking around without knowing our way around.

Finally made our way into the restaurant, we were super impressed with the ambience, as its quite a cool looking place. A wrap around bar with high table seating near the bar and a small dining room for those organized enough to call a month ahead to book their tables!

We hung out at the bar, amazed at the crowd that was there- very artsy, very creative and super friendly. We ordered 2 glasses of Prosecco, and it was poured from 2 different bottles. When I told the bartender it was flat, he gladly told me, that prosecco doesn’t have bubbles like champagne, so if I wanted bubbles I got get the cava. I got the Cava instead, but it wasn’t so great. Did he not know that I had a wine tasting a few weeks ago- I know that prosecco has little bubbles and isn’t meant to taste flat, like water.

Anyway, then we decided to order the ” Snacks” at the bar. We got these mini tostados , they were yummy. Made with ceviche , it was a delight.

So, for our main courses, we decided to order the below-

My friend got the Chicken (which was recommended by the waiter) and I was thinking of getting the blackened fish, but the waiter suggested the Snapper instead.

When the meals showed up, I was served the blackened catfish, but I didn’ t care, as by that time it was 11 pm and we were starved. It was a very average course, nothing exciting , nothing particularly yummy.

" A don't get , in my books! "
It was juicy and tender.. recommend it !

For dessert, we decided to share 1 between us- we decided to go with the shortbread cake , it was terrible. It was not like a shortbread cookie, it was a mix between a scone and a cookie.

The dessert of choice here are the sweet potato donuts, but I didn’t want donuts.

Don't recommend it


While it was a fun evening out, I may go back and try their brunch on Sundays ” Gospel brunch”. But to be served average food, perhaps due to the number of people, really put me off……



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