A prosecco and lambrusco tasting party

I love having parties, I love going out, being social. Any excuse to have people over, is good…. so for this party, I though it would be nice to have a party with a theme. Who hasn’t gone to the wine store and been over whelmed with the choices,  suggestions given or just the sheer look of these bottles starring back at you ” BUY ME! DRINK ME”!

So, I thought I would try to sort out a party, these were the rules:(and some info on the regions)

a. Prosecco- I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like this, this is someone that most people drink instead of champagne, just as an apertif, and to be honest, its quite affordable- usually. So this is slightly cheaper, as the 2nd fermentation that takes place, takes place in steel vats, (vs the bottles , in the case of Champagne) hence the price difference is lower. The prosecco comes from the hills outside Venice. Also, unlike champagne, the primary flavor are what makes this sparking special- I usually can taste pears, or apricots, apples or something along these lines. Unlike champagne, that has 2 flavors, the initial and the secondary, prosecco only has 1.

b. I thought a nice match to this wine would be lambrusco- for the sheer reason, I am starting to enjoy this for the last 5 years and its kind of hard to find drinkable lambrusco’s. ( so these come from the Balsamic city of Modena), they are a sparking red wine and can often taste like coke, or worse.

c. Everyone had to bring  a bottle of each, along with some form of appetizer. The wines should be between $12 and $25 each.

So, the results:

a. The expensive stuff doesn’t have to be the best always- in some cases, its the worst ( point taken- this below bottle “#3” , was purchased after a recommendation at the Whole Foods wine store– it was given a “0” on a scale of 1-5..)

$20 bottle that was just terrible, but looked pretty– looks CAN kill.

b. 1 person can purchase 2 terrible bottles- ( bottles 2,3 and 6, were the same, but I also bought this) so my prosecco and lambrusco were the worst of the evening.

Bad, bad and bad.

c. The people at Astor place wine ALSO recommended a rubbish lambruso.

d. This prosecco was awarded 4-5 points and was an overall favorite. We wish we had more of this to drink. So, do go ahead and buy some of this , it was yummy.

I need a case of this!

Some random pics

At midnight, my son finally woke up and gave this loud scream, which sounded like he wanted to be part of the party, so we put on the music and rocked the house.. he was a real trooper.

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